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JTAG Unlimited Tester


  Juliet-Front-offen 163932-Best_in_Test




  • Complete JTAG / Boundary Scan Tester in a desktop system for prototyping and production
  • Integrated system electronics
  • Exchangeable adaptor for the easy use of probes or real connectors
  • Controlled by external PC or laptop via USB 2.0 or LAN
  • Allows the execution of Boundary Scan Tests, In-System Programming of Flash / PLD / MCU, and functional emulation tests (VarioTAP®)

JULIET is a professional JTAG / Boundary Scan Tester suitable for production. It combines the complete system electronics together with the adaptation of the UUT via an exchangeable adaptor in a compact system.

The JULIET testers are based on standard components like SYSTEM CASCON™, ScanBooster™, and SCANFLEX®, hence they are compatible to systems already used in development, and flexibly upgradable. A total of six different JULIET versions cover all possible production applications, from the simple test execution to the complete repair station with graphical failure visualisation, and make the system ideal for fast prototyping and low volume production.




Overview and specifications

of the different JULIET versions





General specifications

Dimensions: 640 x 520 x 340 mm
Weight: approx. 30 kg
System voltage: 100..240 V~ 50..60 Hz
Power: approx. 75 VA max.
Environment: 15°C..35°C

Control and mechanics

PC interface: USB 2.0 / LAN
UUT interface: exchangeable adaptor
Board clamp: manual leverage
Contacts: probes / connectors
Probes (max.): ~300
Effective area: 340 x 230 mm

Integrated control elements

  • START / STOP button
  • YES / NO button
  • Status LED
  • Power ON / OFF button

System options

  • Barcode reader
  • Blank adaptor for prototype test
  • Blank adaptor with downholder



Voltage UUT 4 4
Bank / Gang Test 2 / - 4 / 4
Digital I/O channels 96 192
Programmable Vio 1,8 / 2,5 / 3,3 V 1,8 / 2,5 / 3,3 V
Analogue I/O channels 16 / 8 32 / 16
Opto I/O channels 8 16
RS232/RS485 interface 4 / 2 8 / 4
TCK maximum 16 MHz 50 MHz
Number of TAPs 2 2
Control interface USB 2.0 USB 2.0 / LAN
Controller architecture ScanBooster™ SCANFLEX®
Software architecture SYSTEM CASCON™ SYSTEM CASCON™
Upgradeability ext. I/O ext. I/O + SFX I/O


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