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The Importance Of Design for Testability (Hebrew)
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(12:11 , 05.11.2015)
NEXEYA CANADA INC. established and acquisition of CABLETEST SYSTEMS INC., a company specializing in cable harness, backplane and complex interconnect system testing.
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Emdo Technologies - Automatic Test Equipment - Goepel logoJTAG / Boundary Scan Testing and Programming



-Today Jtag/Boundary Scan is the best way to test digital PCB after manufacturing.


-Emdo Technologies represents Goepel Electronics, a worldwide leading company that provides the most advanced Jtag/BS tools available in today market.


-Standard Jtag tests cover manufacturing faults like shorts, opens and perform additional digital components test like memories, Buffers, Etc.


- Jtag tests usually include programming of programmable memories of all types including programing of CPU internal flash when relevant.


 -Goepel is the only company that developed a unique language, CasLan.  This language simplify the developers work and allow the user to interfere in Automatic procedures and  to perform standard and unique tests with the same software and language.


-The Caslan Language allowed Goepel during the years to continue  and develop more unique functions – the last one enable to perform functional tests in Real Time with bus emulation, without the need for additional hardware.


-VarioCore, another unique development of Goepel gives the ability to test varied communication formats in Real Time. For example: USB, LAN, RS232, RS485, CAN, LIN and more


-Goepel was the first company in Europe to make Jtag solutions and is now the biggest Jtag company in the world. Emdo represents Goepel in Israel for more than 15 years in which we gain many satisfied customer


Among our customers in the Jtag/BS field are – El Op, Elta, Audiocodes, RAD, MOD, Orbotech, Elisra, NDS, Alcatel, MKS, USR, Elmo, A.L., Tadiran Spectralink and more . A more detailed list will be supplied when needed.



 What is Boundary Scan?



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